Because of the thefts, I mean again, stealing candy bars and sodas, there are cameras installed. There's some more expensive stuff but I mean, seriously, for a company to be this paranoid to have security cameras watching employees and drivers says alot about state of mind. I don't care about being watched. I seriously do my job and have no desire for theft. On some level, this has to be against some privacy laws or something, but I truly don't know that. It is inhibiting if you think about being watched all the time too.

To put young people in power, as leads or managers when the "real" manager isn't there goes straight to their little ego and ambitious brain. This is another thing to watch out for when one might have more work and life experience and wisdom, better social manners and etiquette, respect for elders, better and more focused work habits and values that go back hundreds of years of thinking without a computer and utilizing hands, body, sweat, and tears.
Okay, off to work I go.