You know who you are. Cozily tucked in at home. Bingeing netflix and lamenting being forced to stay home by tyrannical government. How dare they! So you make your DAILY trip to the only place you can go, the grocery store, sans mask of course. It's uncomfortable and inconvenient and you aren't going to get sick. Nevermind that the average grocery worker will encounter about 100 people exactly like you. Daily. You have the right to do as you please. One way arrows on isles are merely a suggestion. Can't find what your looking for? Social distancing is a myth propagated by the untrustworthy media. Proceed to encroach 10 inches away and ask where to find ziplock bags because the grocery worker cannot hear you from the CDC recommended 6 ft. Yes we are hoarding toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bread, eggs, milk, and hair dye in the back room. because my company doesn't want to make sales on a hairline profit margin while they hire sanitation crew members whose only job is to disinfect the handles you just touched because you couldn't take 20 seconds out of your precious time to wash your hands. Only 40+ grocery workers have died, why should you care? You need comfort food during your time of extreme distress. Keep calling us "Heros" assuage the guilt you feel to the workers who have been invisible or kicking bags because you had a bad day. "I demand to speak to your manager!"