By the time summer hits or ends, no matter what state of affairs the Coronavirus has found its position in our lives, people will be so stir crazy with gazillions miles of cabin fever that nothing will be able to stop us from gathering however it may be. Well all be cautious to touch, shaking hands, and hugs, along with the brave and naive who will be in full force showing their opposition and gallantry by hugging everyone in site. Well enter the streets dumber than ever from that longing of sitting in parks and cafes like a leisurely every day in Portland. All those west side cafes will be brewing with happy party people and the late night crowd will be running loudly and freely, boasting what they did during self isolation. The streets will be filled with more and the usual campers and street bodies that encompass downtown city blocks and shouting for more change. Are we ready for this? Come on people, let's get ready to rumble. I cant hear you. Come on people lets get ready to party so we can be our normal snowflake selves living in a ladeda land. It's always quietest before the storm.