You see me wearing my face mask and you shout, "Communist!!"
Your ignorant pal told me to "Go to China!!"
You may not realize it, but I recognize you. You're the same idiot who was foaming at the mouth to proclaim yourself "communist" not even six months ago.
You aligned yourself with incomprehensible torture, abuses and murders of political and religious prisoners, the illegal organ trade, Draconian laws and control tactics, environmental destruction, the whole bowl of shark fin soup.
"Oh, not THAT kind of communism," you smugly argued.
"I'm like, the GOOD kind of communist, like Sweden!"
First of all, there is no "good" communist regime.
Second, Sweden is social-democratic (not that your AppleNews-addled brain could even begin to comprehend what that actually means).
Maybe you should pack up and move to Sweden. I hear they aren't wearing face masks there, and it's caused deaths from the pandemic to skyrocket. Yes, I understand that they are reporting less overall deaths than the US, but I don't expect you to know how to figure simple ratios, either.
Every country that has vast numbers of the public wearing masks is doing better than those who aren't.
Catch me when this is all over (if you're still here) and tell me through the bandana wrapped around the lower half of your face about how you're a "communist" again.