Hey Caviar pickup dude who was at Taco Pedelar 4/29 @4:45- you as an Asshat!
1- you were not wearing a mask
2- Waving your phone in the air and being exasperated makes you look like an idiot and doesn’t make anything happen faster.
3- when someone is waiting in front of you- with a mask on by the way- DO NOT get up right next to them, reach your arm around them, and ring the service bell. The staff was OBVIOUSLY in the kitchen getting the other customer’s order- who was there before you I might add. You can wait one more damn minute you entitled dick.
4- when it is your turn-DO NOT be rude to the person who is working there, risking their life, making and serving food.
5- If Caviar allows this type of behavior, I won’t be using that service again.
Sad to say that the nice guy working at TP said this is pretty common.
Thanks for making a shitty stressful situation worse Asshat. Thank you TP for being there, continuing to make outstanding food and having patience with jerks like that.