To the batshit woman on NextDoor. It’s on. You complained once again that you found a goddamn walnut shell in your yard (traveled with a squirrel most likely) and raised a ruckus about no one caring about your child who has a nut allergy. We can’t control when squirrels move about. Yes. I know exactly who is feeding squirrels (3 blocks from us) and the mix has certain nuts in it. Sorry, but the world doesn’t stop for you or your kid. Shit happens. I hate to break it to you. You are demanding (still, 2 YEARS later and still posting about it) to know the culprit and no one will give them up, because you’re an asshole. Your front yard is filled every spring and summer with the most beautiful flowers and they attract bees which other people are allergic to. You also BBQ meat all the time without a care in the world, someone could have asthma. When you’re not racially profiling people here in the Hollywood District, this is the shit you waste your time on. Just had a bag of healthy wild squirrel food delivered to my house and golly gee, there’s some nuts in it. I’ll be delivering it to the culprit. I’ll continue to do so until you get rid of your flowers and quit making smoke on your grill. Then maybe I’ll give a fuck about your kid because you sure as fuck are a hypocrite for not thinking about others as you demand special treatment.