For a city that seems be known for its love of long lines, you fail at drive thru window lines. I roll in to the local coffee place for my morning fix and the line is out on the road, with about a full car length between each car. If you don't know how large or long your car is, you may want to reconsider driving as a whole. Just pull up!

This also applies to side streets. Your Prius is not the width of a Hummvee, its a narrow little car and we can both fit by the parked cars at the same time. I'm getting really tired of having stop and let some idiot in a tiny car drive down the middle of the road because they have NO IDEA where their vehicle is. THIS is why we have so many car accidents and pedestrian deaths in Portland. Portlanders are horrible drivers and the majority of you should have your license revoked until you pass a physical driving test.
I know you all think you're just being "cautious" but in reality, your lack of control when wielding that 3000+lb vehicle is actually far far more dangerous.

LEARN YOUR CARS DIMENSIONS! Get some parking cones or something similar, go out to an empty parking lot, set the cones a foot from either side of your car, then drive through the cones. Every time you successfully pass between the cones without hitting them, move them in a tad closer until you hit one or run out of space. You would be shocked at how narrow your car actually is, compared to how you big you think it is.