I was carrying a gallon of distilled white vinegar home in an attempt to break social distancing blues and walking with the heavy bottle was taking my mind off my woes, shifting it into different carrying positions.
You were an old lady who looked fucking exasperated with all the dingbats sitting in camper chairs on the curb smoking or waiting for their calzone pick-up or attending to the business of living in a tent under an overpass. I saw you turn several times in front of me, walking forward, then back. You were just a nervous elder lady, alone with a grocery bag, measuring if you would be harassed while passing an admittedly narrow opening between tents parked under an overpass.
It sucks. I'm sorry. I'm not afraid of my neighborhood, but I also probably have like 100 lbs on you. I don't think those people will harm me, but I also have this gallon of vinegar to throw around.
When I headed ahead to the overpass, you decided to follow. Like, if I could do it so could you or maybe safety in numbers? I tried to walk slower so we could be together, but I didn't say anything like "Are you lost?" or "I generally walk over here" so you may have been surprised that my approach involves walking up a bike lane and then cutting across an open lot. You were doing okay last time I looked. I hope the rest of your trip was uneventful and you got home without more anxiety. Just wanted to say that I was watching for you. I should try to communicate that better to people.