Not clear how the need to social distance just gives you the green light to walk side by side in the center of a street where neither cyclists, joggers, or anyone not taking their sweet time can't pass without coming well within six feet of you. (and not looking or checking behind you when veering to the left or right)
There will be whole blocks of empty sidewalk on either side, but somehow this has become the default mode for people. When that shirtless mask-less jogger comes huffing and puffing with his aerosol stream in your direction, just try not to breath, as you'll probably be bathing in it. Also, people seem really bad at triangulating their pathways in anticipation of other's trajectories. Seems problematic. I've noticed the tendency when unmasked people see someone with a mask pass by to look sort of hurt, as if they take it personally that you are trying to be socially responsible and not unknowingly spread the virus around if asymptomatic, to make it somehow as a judgement on their own decision to roll the dice with other's elders, immuno-compromised personal associates. I've seen a lot of eye rolls, looks of disdain, etc. Shame on you for getting annoyed that somebody cares enough to make an effort.