The thing about it is, they're out there. They've always been out there. Especially in a growing and progressive city which most major cities are, and especially these days in Portland, and I mean, well aside from this pandemic.
But the jobs are there. Not as much high demand of course, pandemic speaking, but also because of the pandemic, the need is there for food distribution warehouses, and other online companies.
You just gotta be resourceful, and not have the excuse of I'll just wait to see what unemployment will provide? Or hopefully, we'll get back to normal soon? Well, normal ain't happening soon, especially for large gathering sporting or concert events. And "musicians," man, come on, you're living was barely a living before the pandemic. How about try going to get a job rather than saying you're an out of work musician with no income because you lost all your gigs and now have to resort to online streams. I mean this is pretty much the same for visual artists too except that visual artists would not get the same support or government relief, if there would be, as musicians for some reason. Visual artist have to rely on online websites and showing in public places, restaurants, etc. You don't hear visual artists complaining and crying on Facebook.
I mean, I have 5 PT jobs, and I found another temporary one during this pandemic.
Man, people do anything to keep from actually working.