So a guy gets to keep his job after lying about me and my skill set to get another straight white guy back (making $200/hr). This same guy quit his job 3 times, but has an opportunity to get his job back (while he is a consultant). It’s also the same guy who is known for being unreliable as a coworker and only shows up half the time (at most) to meetings. And if he shows up he is possibly drunk. He also said that “But I’m a straight white guy, so I can’t say that” but then proceeded to say that.

Most of us with a penis have had it in somebody. But not every time a kid gets created.

You did nothing special because you fucked your (now ex) wife and have kids. But you seem to get a free pass because you have kids. I have a family too.

If you don’t like your job, then go do woodwork, since that last what you tell everyone you enjoy doing. But instead you lie about me to keep your job

You make enough money to not forget your wallet. No one should ever cover your beer or meal.

I’m not buying your bumbling persona. It’s just too bad other people did.