I just want to share that Oxford University has already moved to human trials on a vaccine candidate. They predict that a viable vaccine could be ready by September.
This entire stay at home order has placed me at my limit. As a mother to four children, and also a full time college student, I have had so much work to do. It has been really difficult just staying on top of my homework while facilitating my childrens homework too. And we live in poverty, that's why I'm in school, to get out of it. So when schools closed my heart literally went to my stomacb. The very real reality of facing the rest of our lives in poverty is there if I dont pass my classes.
Reading that a vaccine may become available by September has given me hope. As I see it, most people aren't going to want things all the way open until then.
Just thought I'd share some good news for anyone who's as affected by this as I am.