It seems that amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we are forgetful that there are other places around the world struggling for reasons far worse than not getting their hair cut. We have forgotten to be grateful for all we have in a time where it’s becoming so obvious that other countries have much less.
With the news we read daily being focused on The United States, we have overlooked the overcrowded slums of India, the lack of resources within healthcare facilities in Africa, and the mass graves dug in Iran. We have been so consumed with fear in one of the wealthiest countries on earth, yet far and few between seem to be concerned with how poor countries are facing the pandemic.
I have spent the last few months with The Borgen Project, and I have learned just how devastating poverty can be on a daily basis. The statistics are only sky rocketing at a time when you and I are sitting in homes that aren’t stricken with war, burdened by sanitation issues, or in places unable to order in Uber Eats to avoid coming in contact with COVID-19.
I hope the coming months shed light on how lucky we are as a nation. That we are able to recognize how poor countries around the world are suffering, and come together to provide Coronavirus relief world-wide. I hope next time there’s a crisis, we can step outside ourselves as a country and help those without the resources we take for granted.