The thing about the capitalist activist is that it is essentially a reason to not work. They come up with every argument necessary to not have to contribute to family and society, or to have to pay for stuff. They'll think everything can be bargained for and group anyone making money as evil. While making money isn't greed. Who doesn't want to make money?
While, if I could live my live the way it is now without the need for money, I would.
Whoever determined we need money to live, survive, and maybe lead to happiness, I don't understand it, but it is what it is.
A simple tiny example is if you want to buy a fish, have the money for the fish. If you want to ride Tri-met, pay for the $2.50 fare.
All the capitalist is being is a cheap ass because they're broke and too proud to have a job that makes money.
I think I hate a cheap ass more than a "capitalist." People with money do so much more like donating than a cheap broke ass loser.