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Actually the rich donate (money and volunteer time) far LESS than individual people of modest means. Your rant is mostly indecipherable, but on that one point you are dead wrong.

Actually, of the $358 billion that Americans gave to charity in 2014, only 14 percent came from foundation grants, and just 5 percent from corporations. The rest—81 percent—came from individuals.

And among individual givers in the U.S., while the wealthy do their part (as you’ll see later in this essay), the vast predominance of offerings come from average citizens of moderate income. Six out of ten U.S. households donate to charity in a given year, and the typical household’s annual gifts add up to between two and three thousand dollars.


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Yeah. Don't care how much rich people give. Don't care. If you want to buy a fish, have the money for a fish. If you want a fish and don't have the money, don't expect someone (me) to buy it for you, loser. A little less time calling out sick, and a little more time earning a fish.

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