I'm an event worker. All that work has been gone. I don't see it getting back together anytime soon either. I don't know how, quite frankly after this pandemic, how events will move forward. I'm guessing with some sort of strict, or half ass screening policy? Other social distancing attendance and seating guidelines? I personally can't imagine going back to crowded buses and max, and waiting in lines, the latter within reason as there are new types of lines now.
As that said, I've been watching alot of movies lately. I should've been in the movie business or a detective, I think. Anywho, I watch the bonus features on movies. Yes, I probably do need to spend my time more wisely, but I enjoy seeing the creative process, even though my creative has nothing to do with movies. Movies are the one thing that completely takes me away, although there are still attention span issues. So, I don't understand where these movies, and as much are being made can get the funding and budget for them? Those statistics must be alarming. Then, for some of the sets that are built that cost thousands or millions of dollars, take a couple of days, use all these resources and workers, then get filmed for a day or a month at max, and sometimes end up on film for only 20 seconds. And then all the CGI. And that's shits expensive.
How does one industry have all this money to throw around?
Also, goodbye to concerts, festivals, lectures, symphonies, on and on and on.
Welp, I hated crowds anyway.