While I've stopped drinking for 2 plus months now, all but one time in between, I don't know if I'm quitting. I know I needed a break. 2 months is the longest it has ever been but for likely 3 to 4 days, a week, or 2 weeks in some instances for over 15 years.
Funny thing is, I almost feel more tired, and worse aside from hangovers, that if I was drinking. I know food is a big part of it. I would eat a whole lot less when drinking compared to Pandemic times. This feeling of bloating. We all know the syndrome of going to the fridge or snack cabinet every 15 minutes...
Or that feeling of eating and not even being hungry? Yup yup.
I've been masturbating a lot more too. Almost like that eating when not hungry. I'll pleasure myself when I'm not really horny, almost as if it's a job to do.
I'm wondering if I should take shots and masturbate now?