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I call it the sober blues. When I went completely sober, I experienced a bit of depression for the first time and I didn’t drink that often to begin with. It was the isolation and no days to escape feelings of emptiness, the voids that were growing. Going through that low, what almost felt like a relapse of depression, ended up creating some of my best writing and made some life choices that I had avoided. IE I think what you’re going through is very real and also relatable. I also know it’s worth it and you’ll probably figure out somethings along the way. Until then, I think staying hydrated, learning about mindful eating, adding in some physical activity and keeping a bedtime schedule with setting an alarm, important for mental health in general but also helps get through the newly sober blues. You’re doing something different, stepping outside the social norm and whether it’s for another day, a week, a month, a year, the rest of your life, day by day you get through it, and it’s very rewarding. Oh and as far as the masturbating goes, relatable. I think it might be a loneliness thing. Coming from a female. A chat room might help. A little excitement and human connection, might make things a bit more interesting for ya. Oh and Maca - it’s good for the sex drive. Queue, you’ve got a friend in me. Okay this got long. Sober support, you got this!


I can't seem to stop drinking. I look forward to the evenings when I can drink my bottle of Pinot Gris and 2 double Burnside Whiskeys and gingerale. Such a sweet escape and turns my mind off. I hate the hangover and want to stop. Kudo's to you!. I think the self pleasuring thing is more of a reaction to anxiety and uncertainty. It is all just life and if I hear one more rich person say "we are in this together" I will scream!

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