The thing about opening up, specifically talking bars and restaurants is, I have no desire to go anytime soon. For example, a bar which i frequented, there is no appeal for me to social distance 6 ft, which in some cases I could be 5th in line, and standing outside the door and around the block. Like what the hell is the point of that? That's even considering it's not a crowded, type trendy bar, which I would never be found hanging out in one to begin with. Not to mention mask or no mask. The good intention would be wearing a mask to which what's the point of that when drinks typically go in the mouth hole. Furthermore, the best intentioned person fails every time when that alcohol hits the pre frontal cortex. Every reasoning, or logical plan goes right out the window. Much like basic shopping for me has always been for groceries an in and out mission, the operation has become quite more the same for clothes, households, etc, if it's not leaning a whole lot more towards online now. And shopping, I've never had time or interest to "shop." And my backyard has become quite pleasant for happy hour.