Lately, I been enjoying staring at folks with my sunglasses on. They have no idea what I'm looking at but because it's in there general direction, they will stare back. Sometimes they look behind them to see what I might be staring at. Sometimes they motion with their hands that sorta, what's up motion. Sometimes they smile or wave. It's mostly a perplexing situation for them. Whatever it may be, I dont care, sometimes I'm not even looking at them, but mostly I usually am to make them uncomfortable. What am I looking at, they may ask? The answer is in the question. You sat where my head is facing, dumbass. I have nothing else to look at.
It's not unsimilar to when I'm hearing my ear buds, folks may see it or not, they may be on or not. Regardless, I pretend not to hear anything and look the other way especially for questions of do I have a cigarette, can I help with anything, or you got some dollars to spare?