There the five of us were on an early 6 am bus. I'd been up all night, working, and in my typical antisocial, keep to myself mood. The bus is going the wrong way. Kind of, but not really, I'll end up in the same spot I need to be, but the line in question which i know we all boarded because it's a site specific route, and would lead many people far from their homes. I immediately notice. I dont say anything, although I'm usually a vocal person. But in this instance, I'm tired, and it is a little awkward in these times, at this hour, yelling at the driver, or even plainly walking up to him can cause unwanted attention. I look at everyone else, no concern, no one else says a peep. What gives people? Were going the wrong way. The driver finally realizes his mistake and now were 10 minute ms behind schedule. That can piss me off too especially when were going the wrong way, and I've been up all night working 10 hr and wanna get home. But, I didnt say anything, so my fault. But other people, no concern?