I think when this is over, a lot of people gonna wanna work from home if they have it as an option. If they have kids or pets, it would make life so much easier, and they get to spend time with them all the time. This will be the learning lesson. The parents may not like the kids being home all the time. But what percentage of adults like going to work? Who knows, there are likely many that like "going to work," and "love their job," but this stay at home will prove home is where the heart is. I guess you can have a shitty home life, or shitty neighbors, and I do know many friends who have roommates that they don't like living with and so spend their time at the bar up until the point when they have to go home. But really, what adult WANTS to wake up 5 days a week at the same time, every day, every year for 20-30 years? The kids don't like going to school anyway. I think when this is over, we'll find there are a lot more homebody's, hermits, and recluses than we ever knew. I only wish the whole world could go on a permanent vacation.