I used to think folding a pizza and eating was a waste. As if it was not enjoying it as much, not savoring every bite, and the fold would make the pizza less delicious. If not simply, it was like this action of being so hungry that I'd devour it quicker, have bigger bites and get to eat more. None of any of it is true. It's all imaginary and stoner thoughts. While I will always try to avoid eating a folded pizza, I've said the same for Pringles. Eating 2 Pringles, or a bunch of them at once is not a delicate appreciation and honoring of food. Again, all stoner thoughts. It does take a long time to chew however. I remember that time I ate a peanut butter on mushrooms. That was as fascinating as it was if I would be watching myself eat peanut butter and thinking this guy is eating peanut butter and having the time of his life. How do I do that?