Every single damn time I check out some social media site where the people can post something to be commented on, or any internet news site where the people can comment, it's surreal, disgusting, saddening, hilarious, upsetting, disappointing, and a complete waste of my time. That's why I gotta be in and out. I don't know how the people have all that time to spend on the computer anyway. Some of the people you can tell are neighborly, and positive, offering cheer, support, praise, condolences, prayer what have you. Then there's the rest of the populace that just have some bone to pick. These are the people from all over the world having full on serious discussions and arguments to prove a point. First the people will post something good, bad, happy, or sad, or a certain proclamation. Then, if the response isn't uplifting, it's stabs in the person's character, slaps in the face, to prove them wrong, the facts are wrong, to prove them dumb, to do everything to go against what they have to say, basically. You can hardly say anything anymore without offending someone no matter what the topic is about. Why gotta be so serious? Why gotta be so arrogant, pompous and overbearing with pride? Is this the pandemic talking? I really don't think so. This is the way the people are all the time. True nature and character. This is the why this country is the way that it is, so divided.