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You're not wrong. It's not new, though, the internet has always been this way.

Four Reasons Why the Internet Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Humanity

When it comes to online comments and discourse and what you can do to limit their toxicity, you only have a certain amount of power. The real leverage lies with the tech companies.

The Internet Is a Cesspool of Racist Pseudoscience


I read papers from other cities -- and PDX comment communities are hands-down THE WORST. In Minneapolis right now, the commenters are hashing out their takes on the latest police atrocity, and no one is blaming Obama or "libtard voters" or suggesting that pussies and snowflakes can't possibly understand the stresses of police work, etc. as they do in Willamette Week comment community. Why? Why is it so bad here?


@3 Oregon is the KKK capitol of the Pacific Northwest. Millions of hate filled white people here.


Sorry, @2, but that is complete BS. The Star Truibune is available online...check out their comments. Everybody has their bubble.

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