Hey buddy, just do YOUR job okay?
I may be new, or I may be learning, or I may just do the work DIFFERENTLY from you. I know I excell too in any work environment. I recently was let go from a temp job because the supervisor claimed the orders were slowing. It felt off. Later come to find, she lied, they're still looking for someone, and my friend who still works there said that I had the best numbers for sending out orders. Supervisor played favorites and took a coworkers word for an altercation he and I had. That's another story. This tangent is another story too. Back to the point, and not just in this work environment but so many coworkers who have more experience in a work place want to force their opinion on you. It's like they're standing over your shoulder waiting for you to fuck up, so they can correct you. A simple instance is, "you know that six pack will fit in a small bag right." Cool buddy, but they can carry the six pack and we can think about the environment a little. Many, many instances of meddling. If I ask your help or advice, that's when I'm looking for it. I don't need you to interject your whole work philosophy on me when you should be worrying about just doing your job, okay buddy? Thanks though.