I, Anonymous May 29, 2020 at 9:55 am



They're racing the speed of the flush versus the speed of their piss.

Not even kidding. Source: boyfriends and friends, especially when drunk


it's because the last guy who used the urinal didn't flush it and it smells bad.


Haha so funny that all the serious IA posts about covid, gun violence and racism have no comments but this one takes a firm lead in responses. This can only be shock fatigue... "Yea sure they burned down the police station, but can you believe some mutha just flushed the urinal twice??


When fake 'prez' tells you to flush
twice, thrice, sixteen times
who's gonna Disobey
the fawking Boss?

Besides it's Stinky
if you leave it be
so be Courteous
and Flush, after
and save water
pee with
a Friend.

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