The National Rifle Association works on behalf of gun manufacturers in the name of greed and profits to perpetuate gun ownership to an extreme, deadly, and oppressive degree. There are over 393 million guns in America. There are more guns than people in this country. Violent gangs, criminals, extremists, and terrorists have guns due to lax gun regulations. There are high rates of mass shootings, police killings of unarmed, mainly minority people, and protests and/or riots where armed, mainly white men bring guns to public places and open-carry freely. Racism and white privilege are clearly at play when white armed protestors can publicly walk around open-carrying without any police intervention, while unarmed people of color are killed by police or vigilantes who are wannabe police or ex-police. White mass shooters have been arrested without excessive use of force, while innocent people of color have been killed by police. Body cameras on police are a good thing, for accountability. Racial sensitivity training should be commonplace. Society needs to go much further, to a deeper root of the problem. Gun safety regulations are vital, a matter of life and death. Gun violence is a daily occurrence in America. There's a reason that police officers wear tactical gear: so many Americans have guns. Police officers are killed in the line of duty. Compared to other developed countries, America has a gun and gun violence epidemic. The fewer guns in the streets, the better, for police officers and civilians.