Social media, mainly Facebook and Twitter, have done more harm than good for the civilized, educated, science-focused, democratic world. America now has an anti-science, perpetual liar as our president. America's enemies, mainly Russia, have used Facebook and Twitter to their advantage to create fake opposing events, spread disinformation, and prop up this anti-American, treasonous president. Facebook and Twitter love all the extremists, racists, bigots, hate-mongers, death-threat-posting people and Russian bots on their websites because they create traffic, and traffic means more targets for third-party ads, which is where they get their money from. Sensationalist stories and misinformation and disinformation become popular because of how the algorithms are designed. Anyone who can write a coherent sentence or create a picture with a caption in Photoshop seems as legitimate as scientists, experts, medical professionals, educators, journalists, and leaders. Conspiracy theories are shared in private groups and spread throughout the sites. Expertise has been undermined. Fake news is shared more than real news. America's enemies have sown division and propped up the most unqualified president in history. So let me ask again, what good has social media done for society?