As a person of color, I want to thank all of the WHITE anarchists who decided to use Floyd as an excuse to ravage businesses and destroy downtown. All it takes for you assholes is to jump on some sort of bandwagon and decide its time to “burn the shit down”. I mean, nothing says “fuck capitalism” like you wearing the now stolen Louis Vuitton bag you own, so you can show it off later. Fucking hypocrites! You want to help my community as we deal with this tragedy? Quit being assholes. Quit latching yourselves onto our grief and mourning and turn it into a mess where you get to loot and steal to your hearts content because you supposedly “care”. If this is the end result? We don’t want you. We don’t want your #solidarity because you’ve just made an event in my race and group of people, ALL about your white greed and chaos, and guess who will be the ones held responsible? The black community, not you. Way to AGAIN flaunt your privilege. Seriously, fuck you!