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I'm so sick of Portland's dumbass "anarchist" subculture of privileged white men who are angry because they see that their privilege is going to be slightly less than it used to be and so they want to smash everything under the guise of #solidarity and #resistance. Exactly the same thought process as the far right, the only difference is they attach themselves like leeches to liberal causes and suck them dry. It makes me sick to watch this happen to a community that deserves true solidarity. This is self-serving and highly distracting drama that seems specifically designed to steal the momentum from the real movement. I'm sorry that this happened, and if it helps, I knew who was behind the violence before even seeing the photos. I'm betting others did too.


I read once that during the Russian Revolution the revolutionaries would deliberately leak bad information about where they were going to demonstrate to anarchists. The idea being that the anarchists would be breaking store windows and looting somewhere else while the revolutionaries could build a mass movement.

Regardless of whether that happened as I remember read it, fuck anarchists. I work at a building downtown and have to clean up their fucking mess along with my coworkers (who are disproportionately black).

I’ve heard anarchists defend this by saying they’re giving us work. As if when we walk into a clean a bathroom and see someone shit in a sink, or some Karen yells at us for not cleaning the forty year old carpet to her unrealistic expectations, we stop and thank them for progressing the Revolution and caring so much about our liberation.


@2, this is seriously something to consider. @OP Thank you for sharing your incisive and efficiently directed anger. Unfortunately there is now a gaping orange asshole attempting to play this point to his political advantage, which will confuse the matter for liberals everywhere. Here’s my tip for clarity: white angry men need to shut the fuck up, regardless of what side they are purportedly on. Leave the anger to the groups that have historically been silenced by people who look like you. Support movements you care about in non-destructive ways. Call out your brothers whose voices are getting a little too loud or dominant. In short, grow some fucking self-awareness. This is how you can help. Everything else just makes it worse.


Destructive Power of Despair

The protests are not necessarily about Floyd’s killing in particular, but about the savagery and carnage that his death represents.


American Violence is learned violence. It is the American way.

White people in America have rioted, slaughtered, massacred, and destroyed for centuries, often directing their and violence at black people and Native Americans, to take what they had or destroy it, to unleash their rage and assert their superiority, to instill terror, and to maintain power.

Charles M. Blow
New York Times

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