So when people piss in a toilet or urinal and dont flush, the reason isn't because they forgot. The reason is because they didnt want to touch the flush handle. Especially in these times. What is wrong is people!
I once had someone tell me, if girls have to wipe after they piss, why dont guys need to? It does make sense.
If people dont wanna smell urine, I'll go with smelling shit too, I'm afraid everyone who fucks cant be that grossed out. Theres bodily fluid exchange. Theres dick entering vagina or anus. And if you eat vagina or lick anus, whats up, guy! Think about it.
I spend a lot of time cleaning, some of it around a deli. First, with deli doors open, or also the topping trays for say pizza, and how they're just open aired, or even Subway for that matter, people dont recognize how much dust is lifting from mostly a new rag. How much airborne dust there is to begin with. How much saliva spit is emitted from basic talking. I think employees should all required to wear face coverings from now moving forward. Also the spray. I constantly see people spraying disinfectant liberally around the deli doors or counter tops all where food is in a small distance. How about that huh? Same concept, cough in elbow? Spray into rag?
I can just hear it now, "you're getting a little too close there buddy." Thatll be the new saying.