I, Anonymous Jun 1, 2020 at 2:10 pm



Took you a while, didn't it? I suspect that your kids teachers have been trying to tell you this for some time now.


Parent blames teachers.
It's never the parents responsibility to parent.


So is it the teachers' fault or your parents' fault that neither @1 or @2 can properly punctuate possessives?


My kids are behaving just fine. But, you may still be right. Maybe it isn't the teachers, maybe it is just your kids. It's obvious that they're not behaving at home, and their antics are disrupting classrooms for kids that want to learn.


Teachers should get paid six figure salaries. They buy almost all of their own supplies, have to clean their own classrooms and do countless other exhausting things. I can't believe it took people this long to figure it out.


IA, thanks for this post. Truly, It’s been a while since this I’ve laughed out loud reading this column. Cheers!

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