In a fight I don't care about.
A conversation with coworker. I'm mid-40's. They 20's. Marvin Gaye's song "What's going on?" is on.
I say, "you know this song, Marvin Gaye, what's going on?" I sing a little.
He says, "oh, Lionel Ritchie?" I didn't correct him. You see a conversation with someone younger like this is a conversation with someone who thinks them an intellect, and you cannot debate with them.
I say, "this song was written in the 60's? and still pertains for today." My point was merely to say songs written 20 or 40 years ago, or by the first documented songwriters the Carter Family, or Jimmy Rogers are still valid topics today. That was almost 100 years ago and still have relevance today. I didn't know when "What's going on" was written. That wasn't the point.
He says, "70's." Again, he has a point to prove. By looking it up, it was written in 71, but he thought it was Lionel.
Then he got on a tangent of Trucky won't be president again but people will wanna vote for him after we see the campaign and ads of mostly white people rioting and looting and burning cars.
I didn't understand that thought, but oh, the mentality is so far gone from what any of us know to be reality.