I see some of my friend's posts and because of social distancing, it reads something like, I can't wait to see all you guys, kiss you, hug you, touch you, so you know how much I've missed you. I'm just thinking, I never knew you were such a tree hugger every time we hung out with all our friends. In fact, I remember you thinking hugging was weird amongst bros.
My friend's kid fell off his bike. There was a bystander who saw it and expressed his extreme concern while both me and my buddy are attending to his kid. He's going on about are you okay with over the top sympathies. I get it friend, we're all in this together, but you're over doing it just a tad. We got this, friend. Then the back of your shirt says, Fuck Trump. Okay, casting all sides aside, that's a clear message of hatred and blame ironic to were all in this together. I get it friend, but this constant creating a war is never gonna solve anything. You can't have one side express this opinion and not expect a battle to arise. 2nd, to have vulgar profanity like that exposed in public that you're clearly proud of is a little sensitive for adults to have to explain to their kids what that means. Thank you very much.