I got banned from Facebook for calling out white supremacist terrorism in discussions about Jeremy Christian. Don't miss it. Now Facebook owns Instagram and is turning into a cesspool of hate, too, basically FB 2.0. I am using it as a platform to share information, but expect to be banned from it sooner rather than later. It would be impressive if the entire country left FB. I don't expect it to happen, though, sadly. It could be one of the most effective protests against the tyranny of technology and terrorism ever made. Americans are just too complacent (and addicted) to do it.


He is the president of the United States. He is going to have a platform regardless if it’s Facebook, Twitter, Fox, CNN, MSNBC..,,


I’d gladly watch Zuckerfuck take a short drop from a meat hook. The twitching and the pants shitting would be sublime.


Ah young optimism. Combined with the awesome power of idealistic activism it can accomplish... Wait what was I talking about?

@1 I agree 100%. We are not "supporting" FB by using it to share information and ideas, and unless the whole world quits all at once they will still make a bazillion dollars a minute on ads and the selling of our personal info. Plus Mark Z spent way to much time on the inside of his high school locker to start turning down favors from the POtuS now, and neither is fox news. Our only saving grace is to recognize truth when we see it and keep our bullshitometers well tuned.

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