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Crows DO recognize individual humans! My neighborhood crows intently stalk my dog Patrick and me even though Patrick has never been a threat to them. SHEESH! Last week, one of three crows sitting on a wire watching over our morning walk dropped an old hambone on Patrick's head. Then they made barking sounds, then they laughed among themselves, then they flew away.


Crows absolutely do recognize people and they will harm a human they believe has harmed one of their own. They are really, really scarily smart. And really noisy.

Friend or Foe? Crows Never Forget a Face, It Seems


My neighbor really hates crows, has accused me of feeding them because I talk to them, but, no, the crows just have a special interest in our street. Since I'm laid off, I now know that a sizable crow cadre gathers along the power lines at my neighbor's house at about 9 AM, and I swear they are saying her name -- or something like it.

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