Well, not actually, but I grew up listening to reggae music or island rhythms.
Specifically Bob Marley. They don't make guys like this anymore. I'm a music lover. I love it all. Melody and words. Except, you get into violent and sexually explicit vulgar lyrics.
I tend to think the more chords to a songs, the more great. I tend to think the more complicated a song, the better it will be. I tend to think the more intelligent deep words, it's a voice of a generation.
In fact, none of that is true. Some of the best songs are just a few chords. Sometimes, it just needs one chord, and that's where melody comes in. Sometimes three chords are two too many. Sometimes words are word salad and impossible to follow, or make sense of.
I've learned in my own writing, simplicity says a whole lot more.
So Bob. Simple chords, simple words, but all soul and clear points.
I had taken a tincture earlier, and now finishing up on an edible. I'd be up all night working, and now going home listening to Bob and trying to relax on the bus ride. I'm smiling, and feeling "Irie." Then boards a man with his own music, but a little less "Irie." As he's rocking back and forth, gesturing his hands, feeling it. I could tell his music was not Bob Marley. I'm sitting behind him, and have only him to focus on. What a buzz kill, man. Not only is this man a little frightening and distracting with his motions, but it is completely in dissidence to Bob Fucking Marley. If I wasn't feeling "Irie" this would have been so upsetting. Sometimes, marijuana makes you focus on what bothers you rather than being oblivious.