Dear over-privileged, young, white woman with dreads at the grocery store: It wasn’t enough that you came mask-less to a grocery store in a historically Black neighborhood. You also felt the need to gab in the main aisle with friends so no one could get around you, start singing at the top of your lungs to spread your spew even more, and complain loudly about all the “hostility” you were feeling from other people “with a different sense of reality” (I guess because we didn’t want you to come near us?). My “sense of reality” is that my housemate is an active member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribal Council who very much does not want to infect her community. My “sense of reality” is that I have chronic and sometimes debilitating autoimmune disorders that make me especially vulnerable. My “sense of reality” is that Black and brown people have been impacted and killed by this disease at much higher rates than whites - in addition to all the other horrors this society has inflicted. Whining about not being able to live your “different sense of reality” while you put multiple marginalized people at risk is the epitome of ableist and ageist white privilege, entitlement, and cluelessness. Educate yourself and grow up – it’s not always all about you.