"Defund the police!" "Abolish the police!"

This is going to backfire bigly. Am I for REFORMING the police? Yes. Am I for moving funds from policing to community services? Yep. Am I for mandatory de-escalation training and body cameras? You betcha!

But! When you say, "defund" or "abolish," you are going to lose everyday people. There is no nuance when yelling such things, and most people who aren't radicals are going to take it for what is sounds like. And, of course, Trump and the right-wing are definitely going to use this, lie about it, and weaponize it. But, I don't foresee Democrats/Liberals changing the slogan.

Democrats/Liberals are terrible at messaging... and I think this is going to hurt us unless we change the slogan to something like, "Reform the police!" or something.

Whatever, they won't listen and it won't be changed... and it will be used against us, you wait and see...