People are incredibly stupid. This is not about semantics.

People are screaming about ending billions of dollars being dumped into violent police forces, yet have absolutely nothing to say about all of the money taken from education. This country has essentially defunded education to the point that it is a public crisis, but no one gives a shit about that!

We do not need police forces funded to the hilt and loaded with military gear like they are fighting wars in Afghanistan. We need communities to be properly funded. We need mental health to be properly funded. We need the housing crises (including homelessness) to be properly funded. We need to put a full stop to cops murdering people without consequence. #1 way to stop cops from killing is to fire, indict, and prosecute every cop that kills. Make sure they cannot be a cop ever again. Take away their pensions. Guarantee it reduces cops murdering people. No other country in the world with armed law enforcement does not have the murder by cop rate of the United States.

Defund and demilitarize the police, put in the provisions above regarding cops who kill and that will be a start to making this country less of a war zone.


The left really could use a branding expert.


@4 and @5 yes the GOP and Trump are brilliant at marketing and branding

Confederate flags
White Hoods
Cops Killing Black People
They're going to take your guns away!
They're going to take your jobs away!

Everything is FAKE NEWS
Everything is a HOAX

White people and rich people are sick and tired of being victimized! We need to focus on the needs of white and rich people! Oh and don't forget men, men are so tired of being victims, too.

Take America back to the 1800s!!!!


Political slogans are not invented to change the opposition's mind, they are made to build solidarity and be easy to chant. Anyone who would get into a semantic argument with you about "defunding" has already made up their mind and is using that supposed misunderstanding to gaslight you into thinking they aren't just blindly supporting the racist status quo.


@5 -- "The left really could use a branding expert."
A re-Framer, too
and a few Billionaires
and its very own FOX Left.*

*which wouldn't even need to make shit up

@2 -- you're my Hero.

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