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"And that dog you choose to have behaves as you allow it—it is a reflection of your manners." Bingo. It's not some sentinent being with a deep knowledg of Society's Rules, written or otherwise. It's outta Control and fuckhead shouldn't be allowed outta his yard without a fucking Leash.

"So given that it ran over and licked half of my pizza without a care for anyone but itself." Yeah. that's where you have the Power to let his chosen four-legged carnivore know what's Totally Oblivious to its clueless, scofflaw owner and in no uncertain terms -- the fucking Pizza is Fucking YOURS.

Whaddayagonna Do?


Fuck off-leash dogs and their owners.


@1 -- correction:
Harness, not leash.

'Cause, when they Pull
it spins them back around
leading to getting Nowhere.

Good owners will have them* on Voice Control
while really good owners only just gotta move their hands.

*that means The Dog has no Say
(but doesn't mean they don't get a vote)
but remember -- there can only be ONE Boss.

If it's your mutt
it's YOUR Problem

NOT the Rest of Ours.


Bad dog owners are the worst. Especially when they don’t pick up their dog’s poop. Or better yet when they do but leave the plastic bag of poop on the ground because they don’t want to carry it.

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