I had, or is it have this old friend when you haven't seen them in years, don't talk or text hardly, therefore dont't see each other? Well, long ago, we used to be music pals. We played in a "band" together. I was always pushing him to play live. He had such a hard time because it would reveal too much of this inner intimate self. He's also a teacher where he's a master public speaker. But that's different. Oh no. We start going separate ways. I'd text him about shows or gatherings with no response. Then he's got a band, and will text me, but I just don't care to even indulge his ego. Because that's what this all is. So now he's messaged me on Facebook, but no "friend request." Because to be the first to request friends is too desparate. To be asked to be friends is better for the ego. I guess that's how I do it. I friend someone then message them if there's a message at all. I know this guy too well. I don't need these head games. It's all in people's heads, these perceived relationships. If I haven't seen him in over 5 years, I don't really need to be "friends" just because of a pandemic. And get this, "I'm only on here because I'm online with my students all the time." One, bullshit. Two, that's a great thing you say to someone you're trying to reconnect with.
Over and out, goodbuddy.