I saw that brown, stained, crusty spot on the bus seat. I chose not to sit there.
The first guy that wanted to sit on the seat didn't sit there either. He sat in a seat in front of me. I watched him make "vogue" like, prayer motions, unrelated, I think. Then he took off his hat and under it a bandana. He rearranged it. He was getting off at his stop making swimming gestures because we went over the bridge. Then he grabbed the monkey bar things to do a stretch as he left.
The next guy went to the seat and sat there. Though he contorted his butt and body to avoid the stain. This meant he sat awkwardly facing the window the whole time instead of just moving.
What is it about that spot?
And people are fucking weird. I don't like the word weird either. I don't thing anything is weird necessarily.