I am writing you this letter today because I am appalled by your predictable response to my support for black lives matter and the support of the worker’s union that employs my husband and covers our benefits and our pension. I want you to know that I support the black lives matter and many of the police reform bills that are being drafted up in all corners of our great country. Police reform is necessary when we have systemic racism in our country and in our government. Just the fact that you would suggest that our emergency services would be somehow interrupted or in danger in some way because of our support for a movement, is just evidence to the case of black lives matter. How could a fireman, so have a right to access the services of the government regardless of there beliefs, race, gender, or country of origin. I would like you to know that we aren’t worried, because if you did not notice in the news, Portland firefighters have marched alongside protesters, paramedics all hang black lives matter in their windows, our Police supports the peaceful protests and even took a knee with protesters for 8 minutes and forty-five seconds in remembrance of George Floyd. As citizens and non-citizens of the united states, we have to be able to trust the service members who’s salaries are subsidized by taxpayers. I believe that if there is a large group of taxpayers that feel under represented, then we have the obligation to explore that avenue. Silence is violence and I will say it loud and proud BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!