Here's what's gonna happen.
Some of you will respect it. Applause.
As I'm seeing most of businesses are resuming to "normal" aside from restaurants and bars, more of you are back out in the world. Most of you I've seen wearing masks. One guy I asked who wasn't wearing a mask, if he was feeling okay, sick?, you know, he said, "I have a mask, but I don't' believe in them." So there's this.
At gatherings I've seen, most of you respect social distance or gather only among your crew. The thing with this is, you may think your people have been tested and are free of Covid, but you have no idea if that's still the case since they've been tested. They may not be showing signs either, but we know, not all people show signs.
Then there's gonna be a lot of you like mask guy, defiant, that you can gather and stand right in the company of others. It will be like a cool, look at me, I'm not afraid attitude.
Like this drunk guy in the customer service line coming right up next to me, and giving me a nod. Although there's clear signs on the floor, this guy, you know is flagrantly ignoring any social distance guidelines because he's feeling it.
This is the problem. I didn't say anything, but what I wanted to do would have made me the fool.