I've been handcuffed a few times before. Yea, I must be a criminal, right?
I've been roughed up by police I can think of maybe a couple times. Both times happened because I showed some non-compliance. See, that's the main thing here. Cops don't like when commands are not obeyed. That's the period. All other issues aside. If you don't listen to their power, you are in trouble.
The times I've been cuffed, all of them were so tight that my wrists were in pain during the entire time, and once my hands started to go numb.
Despite repeated claims of this to the officer, and in a calm, pleading manner, nothing was done. There was one time, the officer actually pulled over and tightened the cuffs on me.
And the reasons I was arrested, short of actually telling you what happened was not for any theft, violent altercation, drugs, running, resisting, murder, or anything that I would think would initiate this response.
These were all "basic" police encounters. So that is police brutality and abuse of power too.
Thing is, nothing can be done about it. I thought about making claims of the too tight handcuffs, but it is just not worth the time and energy.
And the cops count on that.