Bravo, OP, official SJW Cop! Have you set up the clothng tag checkpoints at the protests? Clothing manufactured by anyone making less than a living wage is also part of systemic racism, so make people take off those Levi's and, well, pretty much any other clothing manufacturer's goods. Don't forget to remind everyone that they also can't protest racism while standing on ground that was stolen from aboriginal people through genocide. I want to see your pure protest, wehre naked, unscented protesters hover just above the earth.


One thing at a time. How about we deal w police brutality, overt racism, and the Confederate flag before we start taking on Disney, a company whose characters, movies, and theme parks are loved by millions...Would it be a net positive for the world if Disney went out of business and ceased to exist?


Don't Forget Yale and Harvard also; oh and any reference to MalcomX. Do your research.


Not a fan of Disney (the man or the products) but you're not doing the cause any favors by attacking someone who's engaging for social justice for not being as "woke" as you.


Ah yes, the good ol' liberal circular firing squad. Never fails.

For those of you out there protesting for justice, THANK YOU. Perfect moral purity doesn't need to be achieved before you go out there and make a difference.


"Perfect moral purity
doesn't need to be achieved
before you go out there
and make a difference."


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