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Welp, I'm a partner in a business that decided to do this as well for our dozen or so employees, as did many much much larger companies in my industry. It's not a panacea, it's arguably only a small gesture, and one that I don't feel deserves a pat on the back as much as a "yeah, no shit, this should have already been a holiday." But it wasn't. And now it is.

And hell, for this to happen across even megacorps and governments so quickly is a really fucking big deal on several counts. Check out the history of MLK Day for a comparison. Check out the fights people are still having to get fucking election day to be a holiday.

We also had the discussion internally of how to deal with the inevitable blowback from keyboard warriors like yourself. And the answer? To quote Minor Threat- "what the fuck have you done?"


And but One Word to
Terrify them All:

be a


We celebrate the 4th of July because it's the day we declared ourselves "free" from the British, and you have to ask why it's appropriate to celebrate the end of actual human bondage in the US?

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