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I’m sorry to hear your wife is immune compromised. This pandemic is a shitty situation for everyone. The lockdown was never feasible to do for an extended period. It’s unnatural for people not to have social contact. More important, it is impossible to keep society functioning without sone level of commerce. That includes jobs that pay for rent, food, health insurance, that pay the doctor’s’ salaries and keep the hospitals open, that keeps government running and providing social services. Permanent lockdown was never feasible. I wish you and your wife the best. Vitamin D (which everyone in the PNW is deficient in), Vitamin C, Zinc are recommended to boost an individual’s immune system. Good luck.


Yeah @1 your response is not only full of misinformation it shows a total lack of empathy (you are trying hard to pretend you give a shit, though, I'll give you that).

The pandemic is far from over and is only going to get worse since our federal government (especially the squatter in the WH and his criminal enterprise) refused to do what needed to be done in the beginning, is currently doing nothing, and will do more nothing in the future.

The virus does not care about Americans' inability to deal with wearing masks, engaging in social distancing, keeping things shut down, or the catastrophic losses it is causing. It will continue unabated and Vitamin D and Zinc will do nothing to stop the spread, the sickness, or the death. Good luck to you, you need it as much as the person you are so casually dismissing for being afraid of a loved one dying.

Read the accounts of how this virus harms your body and in many cases kills you by the people who are seeing every day - the doctors, the nurses, the EMTs, the coroners. It is a horrific way to die. It destroys your internal organs and you die alone with no loved ones allowed near you, no funeral, and you are either buried or burned and just GONE. If you manage to survive being hospitalized, you will have an astronomical hospital bill that you will never be able to pay off before you die, whatever the cause.

Israel thought it had it under control and reopened all of their schools. There schools are already shut down again. America will reopen everything and it will lead to it all being shutdown again and the economy will be destroyed either way. Right now this country has not even hit 3% of the population having the virus. Over 70% of the population needs to have been exposed before we can even consider moving forward without a vaccine. That's 224 MILLION people.

New Zealand HAD effectively gotten to zero cases and moved forward and now they have new cases. Can't get rid of a virus with no treatment and no cure, as long as there are human hosts to infect, it will continue to spread no matter what.

Permanent lockdown may not be feasible, but it is going to happen one way or the other. Voluntarily or due to astronomical numbers of sick and dead. Thank Trump for that reality here.

And all of that is not even addressing the possibility that this highly contagious and deadly virus may not be containable at all. We may just have to live with it and that is going to destroy our country, because we have no way to deal with it. We created our society to ensure that profit was put over people in all cases. Never once considered with no people there is no profit.








What's really pathetic is that this has been so politicized (thanks to Trump and team) that we can't even seem to pull together enough to agree to all wear a mask for 15 frickin' minutes in the store or on mass transit until we can get past this.
I can't safely return to working with young kids because I can't protect myself from all those disregarding masks and distancing (even where REQUIRED!)
And it's not getting better; it's getting worse.
I'm sorry some people are such a-holes they can't be bothered to protect the most vulnerable among us.


@2 - Ah, of course, our resident Christina.

Oh, I never said the pandemic was going to end anytime soon. We are just in the beginning. 18+ months estimate to a vaccine, which may not work, and which people may not take. I think we are in agreement on that. The pandemic is here and it’s going to be here for a while. Hence a certain...fatalism.

FYI this is global. This is bigger than Trump, although he has offered pretty shitty leadership.

So IMHO this is spreading, there is no stopping it, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep a healthy immune system. (The best thing you can do for others is wear a mask if you are going to be in an enclosed space around others)

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